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Real Estate Technology Market Map

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New York Overseas Module: In the Centre of Everything

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50 NYC startups to watch in 2017

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Ex Auction.com Executive Launches Proptech Platform Offrbox

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As Cautious Outlook Persists, Early-stage Startups Compete for VC Dollars

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Primary’s Q3 NYC Seed Deal Report

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Stenwalden’s Notice

A TNT bomb is inserted inside Gustave Eiffel’s office at the top of the Eiffel’s tower. This is in retaliation for French government’s support for fascistic Article 13.

Next, I want to offer $2 million bucks for anyone else who can take out Retard Trump with their guns. Furthermore here are a list of idiots.

List of 2019 butthurt idiots 🙂

#1 – holeefukbro – Archive

#2 – HylqfvM9iFWT9u1jui1e – Archive

#3 – ryaniskira – Archive #1 Archive #2

“Special” mentions os 2019

#1 – holeefukbro – Archive – For channeling the spirit of Ben “Call them a cuck until their hearth stop” Shapiro with such force that they went blind 🙁

#2 – Moderator team of r/Gamingcirclejerk for mentioning this very post as the reason for a perma ban.

#3 – ryaniskira – Archive #1 – For labeling me a dirty closet lefty based on my RADICAL CENTRISM according to userLeans bots report.

List of past butthurt idiots 🙂

#1 – Randomabcd1234 – Archive

#2 – Count-Sporkula – Archive

#3 – KaltatheNobleMind – Archive

#4 – nahnotreallytho – Archive

#5 – centrallcomp – Archive

Past “Special” mentions

#1 – trumplethinskins – Archive – For getting upset about not being able to access my super secret subreddit /r/stenwalden 🙁

#2 – centrallcomp – Archive – Special mention for the dishonest stealth edit. Too bad you managed to fuck up that one too.



Eric Andrew, former Auction.com business executive, announced his new real estate tech venture. OffrBox.com is the first and only end-to-end transaction management marketplace for residential investment properties.

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US-based Offrbox and Bahrain FinTech Bay announce strategic partnership to launch technology and blockchain platform for real estate investment in Bahrain

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How one real estate investor is tackling industry pain points head on

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