Stenwalden’s Notice

A TNT bomb is inserted inside Gustave Eiffel’s office at the top of the Eiffel’s tower. This is in retaliation for French government’s support for fascistic Article 13.

Next, I want to offer $2 million bucks for anyone else who can take out Retard Trump with their guns.



Stenwalden’s Notice

A TNT bomb is inserted inside Gustave Eiffel’s office at the top of the Eiffel’s tower. This is in retaliation for French government’s support for fascistic Article 13.

Next, I want to offer $2 million bucks for anyone else who can take out Retard Trump with their guns. Furthermore here are a list of idiots.

List of 2019 butthurt idiots 🙂

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“Special” mentions os 2019

#1 – holeefukbro – Archive – For channeling the spirit of Ben “Call them a cuck until their hearth stop” Shapiro with such force that they went blind 🙁

#2 – Moderator team of r/Gamingcirclejerk for mentioning this very post as the reason for a perma ban.

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List of past butthurt idiots 🙂

#1 – Randomabcd1234 – Archive

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Past “Special” mentions

#1 – trumplethinskins – Archive – For getting upset about not being able to access my super secret subreddit /r/stenwalden 🙁

#2 – centrallcomp – Archive – Special mention for the dishonest stealth edit. Too bad you managed to fuck up that one too.



You can easily Buy and Sell Residential Investment Properties on OffrBox.com

OffrBox’s online marketplace allows Investors to Buy and Sell Real Estate from the comfort of their home.  The list below highlights how OffrBox makes the process of Buying and Selling Real Estate easier and faster:


If you plan to upload a large number of properties, it may be most effective to utilize the bulk upload feature. This feature will allow you to upload listings using a Zip File that contains images and due diligence information for each of the properties. 

The Steps for uploading listings using a Zip file are as follows:

  1. Go to Offrbox.com and download the bulk upload toolkit. You can find the toolkit by going to Sell on the main website header then selecting Individual Property Sales.

  2. You will then Select the applicable option that reflects the number of properties that you plan to upload.

  3. Click Download on “STEP 1. Downloading the Listing Package Zip File.” There is an Excel Data Tape (“Bulk Upload Date-Tape.xlsx”) within this download that you will populate and convert to a CSV format.

  4. Open the Excel Data Tape. Please fill the required green fields. The light green and yellow fields are recommended and optional, respectively. For Column A or “Property Code (Requirement) in the Data Tape, please number down the sheet.  This number will correspond to the file folder number that contains the documents and media for this property.

  5. You will then Save your Excel Data Tape as a .csv file (comma separated value). Select the .csv format option when you click “Save As” and select it from the File Format dropdown menu. Accept formatting changes and save “Active Sheet” if asked.

  6. In your downloaded Bulk Upload Package file, you will see numbered folders with sub-folders called Documents and Media.  Make sure the number of file folders equals the number of properties.

  7. When your folders are in place, drag and drop the document and media files for each property into the corresponding numbered folder and sub-folder.
  8. To create the zip file for uploading, you just need the numbered file folders and the CSV file for the upload.

  9. You will proceed to select the numbered file folders and also select the CSV file.

  10. After making your selections, you will need to “right click” on your mouse.  For the Mac, you will select “Compress [# of files] files.”  For the PC, select “Sent To” -> “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

  11. When the file compression is complete, go back to Offrbox.com Bulk Listing Page and click “Upload” under “STEP 2. Upload”

  12. Finally, you will click “Submit” where you will be guided to the next screen to complete the process.

blake wheeler 233622 300x227 - Listing more than 20 properties

Did you know? If you list 20 or more properties for sale, the OffrBox sales team will handle the multiple property listing process for you.

The OffrBox sales team will handle the multiple properties listing process for you if you email the request to sales@offrbox.com OR follow the easy steps detailed below:

  1. Create an account on Offrbox.com (it only takes 30 seconds)
  2. Download, then print and sign the Property Marketing Agreement (PMA) (the document can also be signed electronically)
  3. Populate the Excel Data-Tape with all relevant property information
  4. Review the Purchase Sale Agreement Addendum to be used along with your Purchase Sale Agreement.

When the items above are complete, you will email the a) signed PMA, and b) Data-Tape, along with c) an email approval of the PSA Addendum to sales@offrbox.com

A member of the OffrBox Sales Team will prep your properties to be listed for sale. Once we complete the prep process, the sales team will contact you to address any questions you may have and discuss next steps.

search filter for properties offrbox

OffrBox has extensive Property Search fields and Advanced Search Filters

Use the advanced search filters to find properties that match your investment criteria, and fit in your target “buy box”.

You can use search filters for properties based on location, including the zip code, city, state, region, and county.  You can also search by property specifications, plus nearly 50 investment filters. Investment filters range from deed type, to tenant type, and occupancy, but also include fields for seller financing or lease-to-own availability.

To learn more about the advanced search, download the search overview.  You can also watch the video tutorial below to get a quick walk through of how to efficiently search and filter for properties on the site.


Does OffrBox own the properties listed for sale?

properties listed offrbox real estate

OffrBox is an online real estate marketplace. The site enables buyers and sellers to quickly negotiate deals. OffrBox is not a buyer nor a seller, and OffrBox does not own any of the properties listed on the site.

The OffrBox marketplace connects Buyers, Sellers, and Brokers.  Moreover, the OffrBox staff’s primary goal is to create the best online platform to buy and sell Homes, Single Family Rentals, Residential Portfolios, Residential Land, and Investment Properties.

We make it easy for you to list faster and sell with less hassle.

You should also take a look and see the investor loan products we currently offer: click here.

Regarding Your Personal Privacy
privacy security personal data

We value the personal information of every customer. We also go to great lengths to protect each user’s information. Protecting your personal information is really important to us.   There are multiple safeguards in place to protect your information and ensure that you have a comfortable experience on the site.  Finally, we also utilize industry best practices in digital encryption security.

To learn more about how we store and protect your personal information, please read the Offrbox Privacy Policy here.  You can also review the Terms of Service to obtain more information on OffrBox’s business processes and procedures.

Interested in learning general digital best practices, check out this link here from Consumer Reports.


What is a Certified Listing?

certified listing on offrbox

A Certified Listing is a property for which the seller warrants and represents all information on the property page to be accurate; Essentially, the Seller provides a guarantee about the information on their property page.  For properties with the exclusive “Certified Listing” label, it means the Seller represents the following statements to be true:

The Listing label allows a buyer to review the property display page with greater confidence about all information.


Top Benefits to Buying Properties on Offrbox

buying properties online offrbox.com

The OffrBox marketplace enables you to shop for a home or buy investments without unnecessary costs or delays. OffrBox reduces the transaction costs and makes the purchase process easier, faster, and smarter.

  1. Buyer offers go directly to the Seller or Seller’s Broker which allows negotiations to happen in real-time.
  2. Buyers can customize every offer to meet their purchasing needs and preferences
  3. You can search for properties using more than 50 different investment and property-related filter
  4. Additionally, the system tracks and manages all purchase offers via the Buyer Dashboard.
  5. OffrBox is the only marketplace that enables buyers to acquire properties that are Lease-to-Own or Seller Financed
  6. Lastly, you can complete the entire contract-to-close processes online.


Selling properties on OffrBox.com is fast, east, and free with no costs.

No fees!

no fees when you buy or sell on offrbox.com

  • First of all, there is no fees to List properties for sale on the Offrbox site
  • Secondly, property Owners or their Brokers receive all offers submitted; offers are in real-time
  • You can sell individual properties or pooled portfolio investments
  • Listing your Investment Property or Home for sale is done via a quick and easy self-guided listing portal.
  • and finally, offrbox absorbs all costs to market the property for sale.

In conclusion, the ease of OffrBox reduces seller’s transaction costs and makes the sales process easier, faster, and smarter.

OffrBox offers sellers a few benefits that do not exist on other online real estate marketplaces – transparency, speed, and control!

When you receive an offer on OffrBox, you have the ability to review, negotiate, accept, reject, or counter any offer.  You have full control over the entire negotiation process.


Each Offer includes the name of the buyer, the address of the subject property, the offer status (whether the offer is has been viewed or not) and all details about the purchase offer terms.  Purchase offer terms including the offer price, any contingencies requested, any requested seller concessions or credits, the funding type, and the proposed # of days until closing.  There is also a field for Additional Terms that allows buyers to submit customized terms for the deal.


All offers that you receive are visible from the Sell Dashboard.  Sellers have three options for every offer – Accept, Reject, or Counter. To choose one of these options, you simply place your mouse over the desired action and select the button. The selected option will change colors to indicate that you are about to select it. Offer responses are due within 24 to 72 hours. If 72 hours passes and the offer does not receive a response, the offer will automatically expire.


If you receive multiple offers on the same property listing, you can also select ‘Compare Offers’ button to review them all at once. The Compare Offer tool allows you to view all offers received in a list view or card view. The card view allows you to see all of the offers side-by-side. Alternatively, the list view will show all of the offer details in a table format that highlights the most favorable terms in green. From the list view you can also customize which columns you want to see or hide. Additionally, the list view allows you to quickly proceed to accept, reject or make a counter offer.

View the Video Tutorial below:


A seller should take interior and exterior photos when creating a listing.  Photos will be most effective if the spaces portrayed are clean and organized.  It’s also best to take photos with the brightest lighting and weather conditions possible.

For Exterior :

  • Front of house, with a view that shows the front door entrance
  • Backyard
  • Balcony/Porch/Patio area
  • Pool
  • Garage
  • Special Features
  • Exterior Common Spaces (i.e. Media room, gym, grill area, parking area)

Photos Exterior Backyard - Property for Sale

Exteriors Photos on offerbox

For Interior:

  • The Kitchen, including an image of appliances, sink area and cabinets
  • Bathroom, with a view of the toilet area and also the shower and bath area
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Room
  • Special Features. Be sure to include any parts of the house that are highlighted, for example, a fireplace, special moldings, or beautiful hardwood floors.
  • Interior Common Spaces (i.e. Den, dining room, finished basement, finished attic, office/library)
  • Backyard – Property for Sale

Interior Photos Bathroom - Property for SaleInterior Photos Kitchen - Property for Sale

Financing Real Estate Offrbox.com

OffrBox is the only real estate site that allows you to Search for Properties based on the sellers preferred financing options.

You can even refine your search results to find properties being sold by sellers that offer seller financing. Seller financing options include lease-to-own or a loan directly from the seller. Use the advance search filters to identify which properties are for sale by sellers that offer seller finance options. For properties with available seller financing, you can select this option by clicking the Financing button in the Offer Box.

You can also utilize investment or conventional financing options by clicking on the finance button. Next, you will select the form of payment that you intend to use to purchase the property.  If you intend to fund the purchase using all cash, then there’s no need for a finance contingency!

The other finance option available to you is a loan via an OffrBox’s lending partner. The OffrBox online loan application process takes less than 60 seconds. Best of all, the application process does not require a credit check.  Click here to start the OffrBox loan application process now. The loan pre-approval and available loan terms are instantly available upon completion of the online application.

When all else fails, please note that the OffrBox team is here to support you with all of your finance needs. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!




You can list your property for sale on OffrBox today. Click here to learn more about How Selling Works  or for Tips on listing a property for sale on the site.


For Sale on offrbox.com

Anyone can sell their properties on OffrBox.

In most cases, our sellers are the property owner, the seller’s rep, or a listing broker. However, there are also listings on the site from wholesalers.

Approved asset types include Single Family Rentals, Portfolios, Pooled Note Sales and Non-Performing Loans, REOsPrimary Residences, and Land. Some of the current Sellers on the site include banks, investment funds, small investors, and home owners.



OffrBox is a marketplace that supports the purchase and sale of all residential property types.

Many different types of Sellers list their properties for sale on OffrBox. Current sellers include Banks, Investment Funds, Brokers, Private Investors, and even Home Owners.  While the majority of properties for sale on OffrBox are income-producing rentals or REO properties, there are a large variety of other property types available on the site.

Property types









The list below details the property types that buyers  on Offrbox frequently request:

  1. Single Family Rentals: This property type refers to single-family homes that are occupied by paying tenants.
  2. Bulk Sales: Bulk sales are generally offered by financial institutions or institutional sellers. Most often, these listings consist of distressed properties available at a discount.
  3. Residential Portfolios: Portfolio sales typically refer to a package of income-producing residential properties. Generally, these listings have a sale price based on a capitalization rate.
  4. Residential REO properties: A property that has gone through the foreclosure process.
  5. Pooled Note Sales/NPL: A non-performing loan is a mortgage that is in default. The buyer of a non-performing loan becomes the new lender, not the property owner.
  6. Primary Residences: Also called a home, a primary residence is a property for sale by the homeowner. Many times, primary residences may be occupied by the home owner until the close of the sale.
  7. Residential Land Parcels / Lots: Land parcels and lots refer to empty land. This property type may have improvements ranging from utilities, curb cuts, and concrete pads. However, land can also be unimproved and covered in trees.
  8. Lease-to-Own: This property type is also refers to a Lease-Option.

If you are a property owner or broker looking to sell any of the aforementioned property types, please email us @ sales@offrbox.com.  Additionally, you can also

The initial marketing period for active listings is 90 days

Unless the property sale occurs sooner, Offrbox listings generally remain active for a minimum of 90 Days.  As a courtesy, they will also automatically renew for an additional 90 day period.  There is no restriction on the length of time that a listing can be active for sale on the site. Especially relevant, the OffrBox sales team does not remove it unless a seller violates the Offrbox Marketplace Terms & Conditions.

To extend the marketing period, you simply login to your ‘My Sell Dashboard’ and update the ldate in your listing portal.

active listings offrbox

No Fees Offrbox

Sellers do not incur any extra fees to list on OffrBox.

No fees! Listing a property for sale on OffrBox.com is fast and free. Sellers only incur their standard and customary real estate transaction closing costs. Sellers also pay any applicable commissions due to a listing agent (if applicable) and buyer agent (if applicable). 

Visit offrbox to start selling!

My listing is missing. Why?listing removed early offrboxThere are several reasons why your listing is removed.

Don’t let these factors remove your listing.

  1. Offer Response Time: 24 hours is the maximum amount of time for a response. The offer may result maybe removed because of three reasons: accepted, rejected, or countered.
  2. Contract Expiration: When a seller accepts an offer, the Buyer and Seller have 72 hours to complete the online Contract Process. The offer will automatically expire if it’s incomplete.
  3. Inaccurate Information: Finally, inaccurate or fraudulent property listing information will have their listings taken away from the marketplace.

In conclusion, avoid these three pitfalls if you want a easy and smooth process.

upload documents to close a contract offrbox.com

First of all, make sure you upload your documents in a timely manner.

If the Seller Accepts your Purchase Offer, the Offer will be moved into the Closing Coordinator module.  The module guides you through the entire process to help the Buyer and Seller formally go under contract. As part of the Closing Process, you will need to sign and upload the Purchase & Sale Agreement.

  1. First of all, download the Purchase & Sale Agreement from the Due Diligence folder of the Property Display Page.
  2.  Once you have downloaded the Agreement, you can sign it online using a service like DocuSign, or you can print the Agreement and sign the Purchase Sale Agreement with a pen (this is called a wet signature).
  3. Scan the file to your computer after the Purchase Agreement is completed.
  4. Finally, in order to send the document to your Closing Coordinator, click on the link that says ‘Upload’ and selects the file from the folder where you saved it.

In conclusion, the Closing Coordinator is here to guide you through the steps to make a smooth process for everyone.




Ready to save your search results?

If you want to save your search results, just click the “Save search” link on the search panel; log in to your OffrBox account in order to perform a Save Search. Readily available whenever you need them, you can access all of your Saved Searches from your “My Buy Dashboard”.

For more details view the step-by-step guide below:


Save Search CriteriaAre you finally ready? Sign up today at Offrbox.com

For more information, check out more articles here

How to edit your account information

You can quickly access your information from any page of the OffrBox site. From that page, you can edit your contact email, phone number, or the name of the account. Additionally,  you can add an image to your profile as well as change your password. To update, follow the 3 Steps below:

  1. To access the Account Information page, click on the Widget image in the header
  2. Change the data for the input field that you want to update
  3. After you update your information, click the Update Profile button to complete the process.

Your information that is up-to-date and accurate helps to ensure that OffrBox’s customer support team can contact you when necessary to provide support on the purchase or sale of a property.

 Faq’s: How do I register for an account?register offrbox

Registering for an account on Offrbox.com is fast, easy and most of all free. To start off, click on the ‘Sign Up’ link in the top right corner. You can register easily in several ways including your Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook or, finally, create a new login by entering your Name, Email, Phone, and a password.


Ready to take the plunge? Sign up at Offrbox today!