upload documents to close a contract offrbox.com

First of all, make sure you upload your documents in a timely manner.

If the Seller Accepts your Purchase Offer, the Offer will be moved into the Closing Coordinator module.  The module guides you through the entire process to help the Buyer and Seller formally go under contract. As part of the Closing Process, you will need to sign and upload the Purchase & Sale Agreement.

  1. First of all, download the Purchase & Sale Agreement from the Due Diligence folder of the Property Display Page.
  2.  Once you have downloaded the Agreement, you can sign it online using a service like DocuSign, or you can print the Agreement and sign the Purchase Sale Agreement with a pen (this is called a wet signature).
  3. Scan the file to your computer after the Purchase Agreement is completed.
  4. Finally, in order to send the document to your Closing Coordinator, click on the link that says ‘Upload’ and selects the file from the folder where you saved it.

In conclusion, the Closing Coordinator is here to guide you through the steps to make a smooth process for everyone.