OffrBox offers sellers a few benefits that do not exist on other online real estate marketplaces – transparency, speed, and control!

When you receive an offer on OffrBox, you have the ability to review, negotiate, accept, reject, or counter any offer.  You have full control over the entire negotiation process.


Each Offer includes the name of the buyer, the address of the subject property, the offer status (whether the offer is has been viewed or not) and all details about the purchase offer terms.  Purchase offer terms including the offer price, any contingencies requested, any requested seller concessions or credits, the funding type, and the proposed # of days until closing.  There is also a field for Additional Terms that allows buyers to submit customized terms for the deal.


All offers that you receive are visible from the Sell Dashboard.  Sellers have three options for every offer – Accept, Reject, or Counter. To choose one of these options, you simply place your mouse over the desired action and select the button. The selected option will change colors to indicate that you are about to select it. Offer responses are due within 24 to 72 hours. If 72 hours passes and the offer does not receive a response, the offer will automatically expire.


If you receive multiple offers on the same property listing, you can also select ‘Compare Offers’ button to review them all at once. The Compare Offer tool allows you to view all offers received in a list view or card view. The card view allows you to see all of the offers side-by-side. Alternatively, the list view will show all of the offer details in a table format that highlights the most favorable terms in green. From the list view you can also customize which columns you want to see or hide. Additionally, the list view allows you to quickly proceed to accept, reject or make a counter offer.

View the Video Tutorial below: