OffrBox is a marketplace that supports the purchase and sale of all residential property types.

Many different types of Sellers list their properties for sale on OffrBox. Current sellers include Banks, Investment Funds, Brokers, Private Investors, and even Home Owners.  While the majority of properties for sale on OffrBox are income-producing rentals or REO properties, there are a large variety of other property types available on the site.

Property types









The list below details the property types that buyers  on Offrbox frequently request:

  1. Single Family Rentals: This property type refers to single-family homes that are occupied by paying tenants.
  2. Bulk Sales: Bulk sales are generally offered by financial institutions or institutional sellers. Most often, these listings consist of distressed properties available at a discount.
  3. Residential Portfolios: Portfolio sales typically refer to a package of income-producing residential properties. Generally, these listings have a sale price based on a capitalization rate.
  4. Residential REO properties: A property that has gone through the foreclosure process.
  5. Pooled Note Sales/NPL: A non-performing loan is a mortgage that is in default. The buyer of a non-performing loan becomes the new lender, not the property owner.
  6. Primary Residences: Also called a home, a primary residence is a property for sale by the homeowner. Many times, primary residences may be occupied by the home owner until the close of the sale.
  7. Residential Land Parcels / Lots: Land parcels and lots refer to empty land. This property type may have improvements ranging from utilities, curb cuts, and concrete pads. However, land can also be unimproved and covered in trees.
  8. Lease-to-Own: This property type is also refers to a Lease-Option.

If you are a property owner or broker looking to sell any of the aforementioned property types, please email us @  Additionally, you can also