If you plan to upload a large number of properties, it may be most effective to utilize the bulk upload feature. This feature will allow you to upload listings using a Zip File that contains images and due diligence information for each of the properties. 

The Steps for uploading listings using a Zip file are as follows:

  1. Go to Offrbox.com and download the bulk upload toolkit. You can find the toolkit by going to Sell on the main website header then selecting Individual Property Sales.

  2. You will then Select the applicable option that reflects the number of properties that you plan to upload.

  3. Click Download on “STEP 1. Downloading the Listing Package Zip File.” There is an Excel Data Tape (“Bulk Upload Date-Tape.xlsx”) within this download that you will populate and convert to a CSV format.

  4. Open the Excel Data Tape. Please fill the required green fields. The light green and yellow fields are recommended and optional, respectively. For Column A or “Property Code (Requirement) in the Data Tape, please number down the sheet.  This number will correspond to the file folder number that contains the documents and media for this property.

  5. You will then Save your Excel Data Tape as a .csv file (comma separated value). Select the .csv format option when you click “Save As” and select it from the File Format dropdown menu. Accept formatting changes and save “Active Sheet” if asked.

  6. In your downloaded Bulk Upload Package file, you will see numbered folders with sub-folders called Documents and Media.  Make sure the number of file folders equals the number of properties.

  7. When your folders are in place, drag and drop the document and media files for each property into the corresponding numbered folder and sub-folder.
  8. To create the zip file for uploading, you just need the numbered file folders and the CSV file for the upload.

  9. You will proceed to select the numbered file folders and also select the CSV file.

  10. After making your selections, you will need to “right click” on your mouse.  For the Mac, you will select “Compress [# of files] files.”  For the PC, select “Sent To” -> “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

  11. When the file compression is complete, go back to Offrbox.com Bulk Listing Page and click “Upload” under “STEP 2. Upload”

  12. Finally, you will click “Submit” where you will be guided to the next screen to complete the process.