Financing Real Estate

OffrBox is the only real estate site that allows you to Search for Properties based on the sellers preferred financing options.

You can even refine your search results to find properties being sold by sellers that offer seller financing. Seller financing options include lease-to-own or a loan directly from the seller. Use the advance search filters to identify which properties are for sale by sellers that offer seller finance options. For properties with available seller financing, you can select this option by clicking the Financing button in the Offer Box.

You can also utilize investment or conventional financing options by clicking on the finance button. Next, you will select the form of payment that you intend to use to purchase the property.  If you intend to fund the purchase using all cash, then there’s no need for a finance contingency!

The other finance option available to you is a loan via an OffrBox’s lending partner. The OffrBox online loan application process takes less than 60 seconds. Best of all, the application process does not require a credit check.  Click here to start the OffrBox loan application process now. The loan pre-approval and available loan terms are instantly available upon completion of the online application.

When all else fails, please note that the OffrBox team is here to support you with all of your finance needs. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!